6 Anime Favourites

By Nnesaga

March 31st, 2018

Come on, guys. It’s 2018, it’s okay to openly admit you like anime. To those who are still unaware of what is practically buried treasure, anime is an animation style that is typically associated with Japan. Just like everyday TV, anime has mutiple genres ranging from: drama to romance; to mecha and supernatural/magic. There’s something for everyone. Despite the variety, there seems to be widespread agreement on what is popular and seen as the favourites of the anime world. Enough with the small talk, here are some Floor favourites…
1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter is predominantly an adventure and action anime, with sub-plots or arcs that delve into comedy, crime and supernatural. Created by Yoshihiro Togashi, the story follows a boy called Gon Freecss, on a quest to take the Hunter Exam and find his father, Ging. This is a show that is easy to get into, but also very gripping. Both the character and plot development are second-to-none, with a unqiue and handy narrator for complex fight scenes and situations.
2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a well-rounded and complete series. This anime offers everything in terms of genre: action, adventure, comedy, supernatural, horror, drama etc. It is based around alchemy (the transmutation of objects in exchange for others) in a realistic environment. Brothers, Edward and Elric, are enlisted into the military with the ulterior motive of searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, in order to return their bodies to normal. Due to the many genres present in this anime, it is one that is guaranteed to have emotions in complete and utter disarray. FMA is riddled with plot twists, you’ve been warned.
3. Sword Art Online
Although SAO (Sword Art Online) is heavily criticised, it is still considered a favourite, and here are the reasons why. SAO is about a virtual game that is impossible to log out of once you have entered. The only way to log out is to complete the game, but if you die in the game- you die in real life. The concept connects reality and escapism in the most horrific way possible. The suspense and uneasiness definitely add to the storyline but what is most surprising about SAO is the underlying element of romance that carries the first and second arcs to completion.
4. Attack on Titan
Imagine mankind has been hunted to a small fraction of what it once was and confined to live within reinforced walls due to 10-30 ft man-eating giants with no genitalia and creepy smiles. Scared yet? Attack on Titan revolves around the survival for humanity and the mystery of the titans that target them. It is gruesome and horrific and for that reason, many people have drawn parallels between this anime and Game of Thrones (especially because no character is safe from death). Although the plot is extremely enticing, the truly captivating factor is the art, created by Hajime Isayama. The way the anime is illustrated makes you see the emotion of the characters in a completely different light. It also makes the fight scenes vibrant in all their gory glory.
5. One Punch Man
It can’t get more lighthearted than a superhero that is never serious. Saitama or Onepunchman is essentially omnipotent to the point where no one can challenge him, the funny part of this is, that no one truly knows how strong he is except for the viewers and a couple of other characters. This comedy will truly make you laugh out of sheer stupidity. Saitiama’s adventures are perfect for first time anime watchers or viewers that aren’t interested in a heavy plot.
6. Death Note
A psychological classic. Differing greatly from all the other animes featured on this list, Death Note focuses purely on the dramatic and physcological aspect of the story. This anime tells the tale of a high school boy, Light Yagami, who finds a book dropped by a shinigami (death god). This notepad allows him to kill anyone he chooses just by writing their name down. With an unpredictable chain of events and an entrancing battle of wits, Death Note is the anime no one knew they needed. Thank me later.
By Ope Oduwole

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