New Devil May Cry Animated Series Announced!

By Super Saiyan-Joe

November 17th, 2018

‘The time has come!!’

An animated Devil May Cry series is in the works, according to Adi Shankar, the executive producer of the animated Castlevania series on Netflix.

Speaking directly to IGN Shankar stated he had “acquired the rights so..Hollywood doesn’t fuck this up” and that the series would join the lauded animated Castlevania series in what he dubbed the “bootleg universe” and welcomed the speculation that would begin.

This won’t be the first time that the Devil May Cry series will received an animated adaptation of stylish and cocky demon hunter Dante, Madhouse studios previously produced a 12 episode anime run which aired and concluded in 2007, the anime was fine interpretation of the Dante and his Devil May Cry business.

Whether the animated Devil May Cry series will show on Netflix is unclear, however Shankar’s animated Castlevania is now currently enjoying a second season after its strong debut with season one, I would highly recommend as it is a fantastic viewing experience.

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