The Super Review: Dragon Ball Super Broly

By Kaptain Usoland

February 4th, 2019

What can I say about this movie? A lot can be said! But first let me talk about the Dragon Ball franchise as whole. I don’t know about you but Dragon Ball actually holds a special place in my heart. This is because, like many of you, it was my first anime I was ever exposed to.

Yup you guessed it! I also watched it in Dubbed! In all honesty, the Dragon Ball series is one of the rare animes that has been done correctly when it comes to accurately expressing the correct emotions. D

Dragon Ball was created by the legendary Akira Toriyama in 1984. The initial manga that was illustrated and written by Toriyama was first serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1984 to 1995. The series had 519 individual chapters and was collected into 42 tankobon, (otherwise known as manga) by its publisher Shueisha.

It wasn’t until recently that I found out not a lot of people knew about Dragon Ball (the original) and instead only knew about Dragon Ball Z. This I found very sad! Toriyama’s manga was adapted and spilt up into two anime series produced by none other than Toei Animation: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. These were broadcast in Japan between 1986 and 1996. Furthermore, the studio later went onto develop an additional 20 animated feature films, three television specials as well as two anime sequel series named Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) and the very recent Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018).

This now leads us up to the movie: Dragon Ball Super Broly.

What do you need to know? Firstly, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel of the original Dragon Ball series, as opposed to Dragon Ball GT that is not related to the series. This movie was a unique one to say the least and thats because it was the first Dragon Ball movie that had the basis of the canon within the anime. By this I mean answers were revealed such as Broly’s involvement as well as his legitimacy within the series.

Thoughts on the the movie?

This movie was a tricky one, I don’t know where I would put it! The movie starts of 41 years before and gives the history of King Vegeta and shows off his heartlessness of throwing Broly overboard just because he was scared he would over stage his own son. I know this part was suppose to be an emotional scene but I honestly could do nothing but laugh! I mean imagine throwing a BABY overboard just because he MIGHT potentially beat your son? However, he does beat the other anime fathers where he least cares about his son not that I’m digging at any particular fathers: *Coughs (Sasuke/Ging) Coughs*

Speaking of fathers: We also get to see Goku’s father Bardock ! This movie really hit when it came to showing a young Goku and the sad farewell between Bardock, his wife Gine and a young Goku. Goddam I might have cried a little bit when Freiza destroyed Bardock’s whole planet including Bardock himself.

*This was me in cinema*

The movie goes onto the future and begins the scene with a fighting Vegeta and Goku. Yup this was when I knew I was definitely watching the correct movie. I grew up watching a fighting Goku and Vegeta and seeing them fight again in big screen! Goddam it feels good to be alive!

Fans of the continued Dragon Ball franchise also see the return of the characters Beerus and Whis! Not to mention my all time favourite Bulma! I honestly love her relationship with Goku as well as her husband Vegeta. The plot of the movie was actually due to the fact that Bulma was secretly collecting the Dragon Balls and Freiza sent his lower minions to steal it from her lab. We also got to see a young Trunks and Goten! Even if it was for only ten seconds. (I might have screamed when I saw them!)

Though Beerus was also hardly seen in the movie as well, since Bulma decided to use her chance to escape being a mother and threw her youngest kid to be looked after by the God of Destruction of Universe 7 whilst she went off to retrieve the Dragon Balls. Classic Bulma! I feel like this was done on purpose as the movie would have ended relatively quickly if he decided to go with them.

Bulma will forever be my favourite: I mean finding out she wanted to collect all the Dragon Ball to look 5 years younger and the logic she used for that specific age range is so Bulma! But the one that took me over the edge was Frieza. I mean wanting to collecting the Dragon Balls to grow FIVE INCHES? I mean come on!

My main issue with the entire movie was Frieza, he was actually turned (and this is a direct quote from a friend) from ‘a malicious tyrant to a goofy frenemy.’   I cant help but agree. What did he do in the whole movie other than make me laugh? His ongoing battle between him and Goku at this point has become laughable and Goku himself seems to think so. Though Vegeta has also shouted at him about bringing Frieza back from the dead was nothing but a stupid move that might end up with them all being killed.

Who I LOVED in this movie was Broly himself! Such an innocent and sweet character! I mean I know his strong and he doesn’t look sweet but goddam he is such a misunderstood character. I’m glad Broly found a friend within the two that saved him because he deserved love!

I blame his father Paragus for the way he pushed all his hatred onto him. Don’t get me wrong I completely agree with the reason why Paragus hates King Vegeta but putting an electric collar around Broly and not letting him befriend the one other live person on the isolated planet other than his father? Talk about cruel.

*What kind of father could do that to a son?*

The movie was definitely fast paced with Vegeta, Goku, Bulma and Whis landing where the last Dragon Ball was located and getting straight into with Broly Vs Vegeta. I enjoyed it when Paragus told Vegeta who he was and Vegeta came out with: This has what to do with me? Even Goku bless him was confused as to why they were bringing Vegeta into an ancient history.

The fight scenes within the Broly movie, whether it was between Broly and Vegeta or Goku and Broly was undeniably amazing. The animation was pure exquisite and did anyone notice the background music? Let’s just say to those who missed it: It was amazing!

Frieza was honestly nothing but a comedian in this movie because killing Pragus and then blaming it on Goku? I almost a kidney laughing that hard! I completely get why he did what he did. Especially fans of the Dragon Ball series would see the significance of the flashback of Krillin that was used as he previously did the exact same thing Goku to push him over the edge.

*It was good to see Krillin even if it was for a second!*

The part that did it for me in the whole movie was seeing a fusion of Goku and Vegeta making: Gogeta! Seeing a blushing and embarrassed Vegeta was downright hilarious! And seeing another beloved character Piccolo? I really felt the nostalgia in that scene particularly. I felt like I was transported back into a simple time where all I did was watch Dragon Ball and wonder when the next episode was coming back. Someone take me back!


The conclusion of the battle between Gogeta and Broly was disappointing to say the least. Just when it was getting good it was ended abruptly due to the Dragon Balls being used to wish Broly away to his planet. Though I was beyond happy Broly finally got his happiness as well as friends I felt like the ending was rushed. Are people forgetting Broly’s father was killed? And Frieza tapping out and telling Goku until next time? I mean really?

I liked the movie as a whole and seeing Goku come back to Broly and telling him he was going to see him soon confirmed to fans that we will be seeing Broly in the series soon enough.

I still haven’t decided how to rate this movie but I can say it was worth watching it in the big screen! What did you think? Where would you put the movie? Was Dragon Ball the first anime you started out with as well?

Let me know what you thought of it!

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