Justice League 2018 #3 – Review

By Timeyin Nikoro

September 25th, 2018

Although Justice League #1 did a good job of reintroducing the audience to story’s main players and presenting threw reader with an iconic line-up reminiscent of the 2001 Tv series, whilst simultaneously presenting readers with enough narrative questions to keep us interested in the story. The second issue read more like an unsuccessful information dump, giving us confusing and vague information, which only seemed to yield more questions than they actually answered. Instead of effectively setting up the story forward, Snyder’s previous attempts felt as if the exposition had taken over the story, rather than actually driving the story forward. Snyder’s heavy focus on exposition made it feel like the information that we were being provided was retroactively superimposed on the story, instead of actually being woven into the DNA of the story being told.


Issue #3 seems to have been able to successfully bridge the gap between exposition, plot, characterisation and effective storytelling. Scott Snyder mainly accomplishes this through his decision to make a possessed John Stewart the focal point for most of the issue. In doing so, Snyder is able to tell an enjoyable chapter in the story by expanding on Lex Luthor’s plot, presenting the reader with an engaging character motivation and setting up an interesting conflict which has the potential to effectively operate on both a physical and emotional level. The other characters at this moment operate mostly as plot devices for the most part. They seem to be included as vehicles through which Snyder can provide further exposition, advance the plot and provide the reader with the reader with action.


This is disappointing as much of the titles initial appeal was driven by its roster; which is notably similar to the Justice League cartoon. A show which was made enjoyable by its ability to combine the development and exploration of the characters interpersonal relationships with the story being told. However, there’s one except to this. The issue contains one particular scene which provides the reader with incredibly relatable and character driven moment between Cyborg and John Stewart. This is surprising as the main criticism to Cyborgs inclusion in the justice league is that he is mostly relegated to an ongoing plot device, rather than actually operating as a character. It’s a small and very brief moment, but it shows that Snyder is capable of giving the reader character driven moments and provides me with hope that he will do so in future installments.


Final Score: 8/10

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