The Terrifics #10 “An Ancient Evil Unearthed” Review

By Timeyin Nikoro

December 2nd, 2018


The Terrifics (2018-) #10

Score: 8.00

Despite their thinly veiled parallels to the Fantastic FourThe Terrifics continues to be a welcome addition to the DC universe, firmly establishing itself as one of the standout properties to come out of DC’s “The New Age Of Heroes.” Whilst The Terrifics primary antagonist (Doctor Dread) remains the series weakest component, the early pages of The Terrifics #10 takes great strides in differentiating the teams first real villain from Doctor Doom and Fantastic Four in general. Although Doctor Dreads visual similarities to Doctor Doom and overall indistinctness remain as distracting as ever, Jeff Lemire is able to offset Doctor Dread’s various offences through the implications the previous issues disclosure of Doctor Dreads true identity.

While the reveal itself remains predictable, it is previous issues character development of Doctor Dreads newly revealed alter-ego which adds a more interesting component to the otherwise mediocre villain. However, The Terrifics #10 falters in Jeff Lemire’s decision to breeze past the implications of the revelation and circumvent the heroes final battle with Doctor Dread altogether. Although this shift fosters an extended spectacle heavy action sequence, I can’t help but feel as if Jeff Lemire missed a great opportunity to truly redeem the character of Doctor Dread. The Terrifics #10 also exceeds in its attempts to rectify another one of the series most glaring faults. Whilst previous instalments have failed to establish/provide the audience with any semblance of working team dynamic, issue #10 makes ample use of teams lack of chemistry. Instead, Jeff Lemire organically weaves the teams largely uninspired relationship into the story and makes a point of using Tom Strong’s family as a vehicle through which he is able to point out the teams shortcomings. All of this leads to the heroes acknowledgement that their short-lived grouping was merely product of circumstance. With the impetus for their formation now removed, the team succumbs to their fragility.





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