By Nnesaga

March 30th, 2018

If there is one DC hero that deserves our time, its Vixen. You best believe I will fight for her until she gets the shine she deserves. After watching that crap(Ok, the animated series was pretty decent), I’m calling out The CW for their unfinished product.

So before I go into my not so, kinda, sorta rant, heres a backstory one of DC comics most underrated character: Vixen

*Ques in Miguel – Vixen*


Growing up in Africa, Mari Jiwe McCabe (Vixen) was told of an ancient legend by her mother of the “Tantu Totem“. Tantu was an Africa warrior that Anansi the spider to make a totem that would give anyone that would wear the necklace ancient powers to protect innocent people. Tantu later on then became Africans first legendary hero. After a while, Tantu passed it down and from then on, it reached many generations. This eventually reached Mari’s family.

Mari was young when her mother was killed by the poachers who were enemies in the land and she was then raised by her father who was a priest in her village. Unfortunately, Mari’s uncle who was also her fathers half brother killed her father which was very traumatizing for her. She wanted to seek revenge and because her family had the Tantu Totem, she was able to gain access to it. From then on, her life was about to change…


Vixens powers are so epic! All from a necklace she wears (Tantu Totem). Vixen has the ability to make a spiritual direct connection with Earths morphogenetic field. Mouthful right? Okay let me break it down for you;

The morphogenetic field = The Red.

This allows Vixen to posses’ animal like abilities. She can basically have lion characteristic for instance. Simply focusing on a specific animal in her mind. She is able to imitate animal like abilities. So if she wants to fly, all she has to do is imagine herself as an eagle for example and she will start flying. (Don’t worry, she doesn’t physically turn into the animal ha!)

Her powers run so deep she can be any animal she wants to the point that she can even breathe under water if she focuses her mind on being a shark.


Vixen was meant to be the first African female DC superhero to grace the stage and have her own series. Unfortunately, that got cancelled in the DC explosion in 1978 and was never released.

(Action Comics #521)

She first appeared in Action Comics #521 in July 1981. Vixen had her occasional appearances and is part of the Justice League.

Right, so now that I’ve given you guys a general gist of who Vixen is, let me explain to you why she deserves to have her own series.

In August 2015, The CW network introduced a new Vixen series. As a huge Vixen stan, I thought “finally! She is getting the praise and shine she rightfully deserves”… Wrong. Not only did they give her mini series, each episode lasted 5-10 mins which made 1 full 30 minute episode…

One. Episode. Lasted. 5 minutes. That. Made. Up. A. Whole. Entire. 30. Minute. Episode.

I’m sorry but that is very disappointing. They even had the audacity to bring season 2 with the exact same formula. They should have kept it in the bin. DC comics/Warner Bro’s are known for their awesome animated shows/movies. Justice League, Batman and many more.

We live in an era now where representation really matters. We want the younger generation to have more heroes that resonate with them. With the recent success of Black Panther, I believe its time to start testing the waters with more black superheroes’. They bring a different dynamic and set a different tone. I think its also important for women of colour to feel included too. Have a female superhero that relates to them. A female superhero that’s looks like us and goes through the same struggles as us. Vixens stories are true to the core and real. If DC can see how well their longer animated shows/movies do, then they should have given Vixen the justice it deserves.

They even had the audacity to give us a watered down Vixen in Legends of Tomorrow.

(This ain’t it y’all)

The Sad truth:

I can argue and rant all I like but the reality of this situation is that this is a business. They need to cater to what will make money as a oppose to what will make us nerds happy. However, I do believe that with the recent success of Wonder woman, there needs to be more female figures held up high too. I mean, Vixen.. maybe won’t get her cinematic debut now. However, a proper introduction to her is what she deserves. Give Vixen REAL animated TV show with 30minutes minimum. Better yet, give her a live action tv show. We got titans on the way and other future shows, I think DC need something now that will bring their reputation back up after the politics that has been going on recently.

I’m just a woman who wants more female superheroes that resonate and relate to me more to shine on the big screens. Let me know your thoughts.


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