Gaming as an Adult

By Nnesaga

March 30th, 2018

Time vs money. Typically, the more money you make, the less time you have, and vice versa. The older I get and the further I progress in my career, the more I appreciate the saying.

At 26, I’ve established myself as an accountant with an upward trajectory. These blessings have afforded me an active social life and the ability to travel the world. Yet even with all of this I still miss the days, when I would get a new game and disappear for a few days, only leaving my room in search of food. I remember going straight home after school to play San Andreas on PS2, trying desperately to beat the mission with the annoying mini helicopters.

Ah to be young.

Whereas now, I work 35 hours a week, plus 10 hours travel time and 10 hours in the gym (very needed when you must deal with TFL everyday lool). If you take out 50 hours for sleeping, this roughly leaves 10 hours a day to do EVERYTHING else. Socialising, focussing on other hobbies, even eating.

The time vs money problem. I’m in a position where I could buy 20 games a month, (me from 10 years ago is hating), but I like RPG and adventure games, 30+ hour games, with a deep narrative, a levelling system to master and a massive world to explore. Bar MW2 or Guild Wars, playing online has never been for me, especially the competitive side, I never cared much for it.

Having bought Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy 15, I quickly realised I’m never going to complete neither of them. I would turn them on, look at the map and realise this is long, then proceed to jump on Netflix. Leaving them doomed to end up in my backlog of games. That I claim I’ll go back to but between brunch, Netflix and going on vacation, it’s a myth.


I’ve been enthralled with video games, since I got my PS1, roughly 20 years ago. In that time, I’ve had every PlayStation console, every Nintendo Handheld and an Xbox 360, even dabbling into the world of PC gaming from time to time.

As a kid I dumped hours into every game I could convince my parents to buy as I was broke. Key word being convince, growing up with Nigerian parents, who themselves didn’t grow up with video games. This made it fun trying to explain why the PES game they bought me last year is now obsolete. Over my childhood I figured out the cheat code for getting games regularly, “on sale” or “2 for £30”, Nigerians love a sale. Between those phrases I had a steady supply of games to play.


Financial freedom is an amazing thing. As a kid you’re dependent on your parents to provide for you. Food, clothes, books, consoles, games etc, in an order they prioritise, this meant games were way down the bottom of the list. The moment you’re no longer dependent on your parents, is an amazing feeling. Buying what you want, when you want. I experienced that for the first time 10 years ago, when I got paid for the first time from my old retail job. First thing I did? I bought GTA 4, just like that the days of “can you buy me X game were” done!



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