Level-5: We switching to Nintendo

By Nnesaga

March 30th, 2018


Get it? Ha!


Here is what CEO Akihiro Hino has to say:


“Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”

“I would like to make clear our standing as a company in the industry during Level-5 Vision 2018, which will be held in the fall. In 2018, in addition to thanking the various companies that have been involved with us, this year will likely be a turning point where we will henceforth properly represent those relationships.”

Level-5 are now devoting their future releases to Nintendo only to sum it up for you. With the recent success of the Nintendo Switch, its no surprise that they want to focus more on releasing exclusive games on there.

Oh and for those that don’t know who and what Level-5 is, they are Japanese video game developing company. They have created some popular titles such as; Yo-Kai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, Ni no Kuni and many more.


CEO Akihiro Hino

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