E3 2018 Schedule

By Nnesaga

May 10th, 2018

You already know what time it is… E3 Season is here.

For those that have no clue what E3 is and would like to tune in; E3 is the biggest gaming convention event in the world. This is where developers, gamers, programmers, distributors, researchers, gaming companies, industry analysts etc.. all come together to release new games coming out, tease upcoming games, buy games, celebrate gaming .. you name it! It will be held in Los Angeles June 12-14.


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Here is the schedule for this year at E3:

– Saturday, June 9 –

EA: 11am PT//2pm ET//7pm BST//4am AEST  (Twitch)


– Sunday, June 10 –

MICROSOFT: 1pm PT//4pm ET//9pm BST//6am AEST  (Xbox One,

BETHESDA: 6:30pm PT//9:30pm ET//2:30am BST//11:30am AEST  (Twitch)


– Monday, June 11 –

SQUARE ENIX: 10am PT//1pm ET//6pm BST//3am AEST  (Twitch, YouTube)

UBISOFT: 1pm PT//4pm ET//9pm BST//6am AEST  (Twitch)

PC GAMING SHOW: 3pm PT//6pm ET//11pm BST (Official stream)

SONY: 6pm PT//10pm ET// 3am BST – Evening  (Twitch)


– Tuesday, June 12 –

NINTENDO: 9am PT//12pm ET//5pm BST//2am AEST (Official Stream)


You can also go on E3’s official youtube channel to watch everything here:

Twitter normally also stream E3 conferences too: @TwitterGaming

Let me know which conferences you will be tuning into and what

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