Early Impressions: Resident Evil 2 Remake

By Firebender MK

January 24th, 2019

Resident Evil 2, is a remake of the PS1 classic of the same name.

After tackling Racoon City’s Police Station as Leon for a few hours, I’ve decided on three words to describe my experience so far…. Terrifying, exciting and satisfying.

The survival horror genre in 2019, is not as terrifying as it was 20 years ago. This is because of the introduction of auto health regeneration, the ability to pinpoint the enemies and the ability to distract them. All of these allow you plan and feel prepared before you attempt to navigate an area, at the expense of a true survival experience.

Set within the confines of the Racoon City Police Station, you find none of these modern day advancements. Instead Resident Evil 2 brings a dark, intimidating close quarters survival horror experience! This makes for a fantastic environment to explore. Resident Evil 2 rewards the brave explorer, usually in the form of extra ammo or a key to that locked door you passed earlier.

Ammo is not only scarce, the enemies you face are tough, and don’t go down easily. You can’t use sneak attacks or a well placed headshot. The temptation to unload bullet after bullet into approaching enemies, quickly disappears after your first few encounters. I found it satisfying evading enemies, without wasting bullets or health restores.

Capcom have done a fantastic job remaking Resident Evil 2 into a modern third person shooter, the button mapping make sense for 2019, it runs really well and graphically it looks fantastic. One of my favourite touches is the sound within, hearing the sound of Leon or Claire’s footsteps echo as you wonder down a dark hallway is unnerving as you navigate the Police Station. I regularly found myself pausing to listen out for potential enemies.

While the game does right, the inventory system makes the game seem dated. You don’t get a lot of space, and the more you explore the more difficult choices you have to make. Do you keep that spray can, or do you leave it behind inexchange for extra ammo?

After 4 hours these are my initial thoughts:
– Great story
– Amazing environment
– True survival horror experience
– Fantastic controls
– Take the time to explore
– The inventory system is limited
– My January Game of the Month, Go out and buy it!

Look out for a more detailed review once I’m done with the game

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