Early Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks?!

By Super Saiyan-Joe

December 18th, 2018

Reports have surfaced, on Facebook, that copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 are being sold early prior to the official release date of January 29th 2019.

(Goofy: Why I aughta..)



It is unknown how these copies of the game were obtained but the news has the Kingdom Hearts community concerned about unsolicited spoilers making there way online via social media.

(Pete: Y’all ol’buddy Pete ain’t got nutin to do wit dat now ya hear..even I’m NOT that bad)




Tetsuya Normua, Director for the game, released an official statement concerning the circulation of early copies and potential spoilers surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3.





In order to protect the experience of fans the decision, according to the statement released by Nomura, has been made to lock-off the games epilogue and secret ending which will be released to fans via DLC at an announced date.

(Sora: It’s ON SITE when I catch these guys!)




Kingdom Hearts 3 is the highly anticipated series finale of the Kingdom Hearts series, the game is an action-RPG crossover between the properties of Square Enix and Disney focusing on the character and journey of Sora as he traverses worlds inspired by Square Enix and Disney properties, Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to be the finale of the ‘Dark Seeker’ narrative centring around Sora and his friends with fans having waited over 10 years for this conclusion.

A new trailer was recently released to ease the ‘Hearts’ of anxious Kingdom Hearts fans

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