New “Classic Kingdom” Trailer for New Kingdom Hearts III

By Nnesaga

April 16th, 2018

I am so excited for Kingdom Hearts III to arrive this year. Its been a very long time coming (a mighty long time, I thought I started seeing grey hairs). Square Enix recently dropped this nostalgic new trailer for us where it shows us classic Disney cartoons as well as Game & Watch titles. Kingdom Hearts III will also be giving us more than 20 mini games as well. Talk about treating your fans.

I’m hearing that KH3 will be releasing this fall/winter. Reports have said December 31st will be the official release date. However, I wouldn’t hold my. breath. We might get it a little bit earlier but who knows. By E3 times, we should have more of an idea when the official release date is.


Kingdom Hearts III will be available on the PS4 and XBOX

Yes… Xbox users, you will also be in with the fun too!

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