By Super Saiyan-Joe

March 6th, 2019

It was with great surprised that Apex Legends was revealed and released on the 4th February 2019, simultaneous reveals and releases are few and far between within the gaming industry but Respawn Entertainment, of Titanfall fame, felt confident in the ability of their hybrid Battle Royale/Hero-Shooter in a landscape dominated by Fortnite and Overwatch.

And that confidence is completely and utterly justified.

Hold on to your butts!!!

Apex Legends feels like several games in one, it has the fun and arcady gunplay of COD (Respawn was formed by the former Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward), the looting and gear obsession of Fornite and tactical style of Rainbow Six. It would be so very easy for the game to be mediocre because of this but that just isn’t the case. Apex Legends excels in each of these. At the time of writing the game already is boasting a whopping 50 million players already and rising, quickly marking it as a solid competitor to rivals Overwatch and Fornite.

A lot of detail in this game

The game is very fun and has swiftly became an obsession of mine making me invest a lot of time and I dare I say with a tinge of shame money too (£18.00 sterling…whew as Steph would say), I haven’t enjoyed a shooter in a very long time since Apex Legends and its my first experience of a battle royale game with a unique twist of adding ‘heroes’ with unique abilities-I main Bangalore and Mirage-I’m sure there is an infinite number of stories that players can and will tell because of this game.

Get used to seeing this lol


Upon the release of Apex Legends Battle Pass be on the lookout for a more comprehensive review of Apex Legends on Nnesaga.

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