SPIDERMAN PS4 | 07.09.18

By Nnesaga

April 5th, 2018

Insomniac games have finally given us the official release date to the newest Spiderman game coming to PS4.
That’s right… exclusively to the PS4. So to all Xbox One users, it’s time to get on the winning side.
We were able to get more information on the new Spiderman game thanks to Game Informer who were assigned on covering a special on the new game.

This new open world game allows us gamers to explore more of the spidey-verse. Creating new features, innovative gameplay and a unique way of interactions. As well as the awesome combat system which looks very easy to get the grasps of.

I hope they haven’t forgotten that cheeky teaser they gave us showing Miles Morales. One thing I would love to happen is that he becomes a playable character.

We also get to have according the developers over at Insomniac Games :
30 FPS on both Base/Pro
– A huge open world map
– Fast travel system (subway)
– MJ is playable
– Post-release content planned
– Photomode included
– No major original characters included; focus on Marvel characters
– You can interact with Civilians

And there is much more provided in a recent interview that was done with the developers of the game. Check it out here:

Game Informers Interview with the Creative Director: Brian Intihar



Spiderman for PS4 (Xbox is shaking right now) will be released on the 7th September 2018
There is also the Collectors Edition available too.

Pre-Orders start now so let me know if you need help finding the right place to pre order. Really, I’m the plug, I’m the plug.

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