By Nnesaga

March 30th, 2018

Remember the days when you could purchase a game for less than £20? Yeah, me too. The gaming industry has shifted now. Half of the time you’re not even paying for a completed game. Half of the time, you have to go and buy more downloadable content to enjoy the game even more. Don’t get me wrong, the gaming industry has always and will always be a business, however, back in the day, developers would really give you something worth buying at an affordable price. Its understandable though, as technology advances, so does the tech you need in developing the game. You have to consider a lot of things nowadays when it comes to creating a game and that consideration costs money.


Anyways, what is the point of this post you might ask? Well, I invest in a lot of video games just like yourself but I am sure you do not want to always cough up £50/60 on a game right? Here is where I come in. Let me drop you some really good gaming stores where you can buy games cheaper than your normal retailer or where you can even get games a day or 2 before release date.


  1. Shopto –

Shoutout to my younger brother for plugging me onto this website.



  1. The Game Collection –


  1. Gameseek –





  1. 365 Games –


Some honourable mentions:

Zavvi –


Simply Games


Don’t forget, if you ever need any help purchasing a game and still don’t know where to shop and where to find a good bargain, you can always tweet me or drop me an email. They don’t call NNESAGA the plug for no reason.


Peace, love & happy hunting!

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