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Black Lightning Season 1 Review – It was cute.

By Nnesaga

May 11th, 2018




So Black Lightning season 1 officially debuted on the 16th January 2018… and well, it was.. cute. A cute first season. However, there is A LOT of things that need to be done for season 2(if seasons 2 green lights)

Prologue settings:

Aite so boom, the CW Network & DC decided to bring to life an underrated DC superhero to us. It was a huge risk given that Black Lightning is only those type of superheroes you will only know if you’re a hardcore DC fan and read comics. (Hey, if you would like me to give some Black Lightning recommendations, let me know in the comment section below) I was skeptical at first because its really hard for a not so well known superhero to have decent first season. They tried. Mind you, I was very happy to see that there was going to be more black representation on TV. Hopefully more to come in the future. (Give us the VIXEN we deserve gadamit).



Black Lightning started off with 13 episodes. Nice, short and sweet. Not too much but not too little. I think it was good that they kept it to 13 episodes so in case it was an absolute disaster, at least it was not going to be collateral damage to say the least. The first season was essentially about a gang called the 100 selling Greenlight (A drug) around the city. The story also circles around past enemies and a crooked government looking to take down Black Lightning.

I’ll be honest, I felt like the journey throughout the series was all over the place and the stories kept jumping from one place to another. Just when you was able to get the general gist of the plot, it would completely shift and change into something that derives from the main plot. It kind of felt like it was doing a time skip HA! They were trying to blend so many different stories and it didn’t transition well.

Other than that, the main story was actually decent. I could see the direction it was going in once you strip it down. I really liked how they used real life issues that the black community face on a daily basis and the struggles the community goes through. They most did not deny the brutailty going on and the show was very unapologetic as well.

The last episode in particular was a very anti-climatic episode. It was almost unserious. How are you going to play “Desiigner – Panda” when the most biggest showdown of the series was meant to go down. I honestly bursted into tears. I even thought Designer was going to pop out from the bushes and join Black Lightning and fight.

Character Development:

With the likes of some characters such as; Vanessa, the Inspector, Gambi and Lala, I did enjoy their characters for what it was. For instance, Vanessas development throughout the series did do her some justice. They also did a good job following her LGBT story too. Which I’m sure the LGBT community will appreciate and shows inclusion. I loved how she discovered her powers and grew to love who she was. There was a great message in that. She shows fearlessness and bravery throughout the show. She was a great addition to Black Lightnings team and provided balance because at times, he would be very egotistical and hard headed.

I really enjoyed seeing the rise, downfall, rise and downfall again of Lala. All his demons caught up with him in the end and it was creepy but good to watch. You could also see traits of PTSD from Lala too which I believe is important because it explores th importance of mental health.

I really didn’t like Tobais character. I felt like it was a force too. I think his part in the first season was not needed at all. His motives to take down Black Lightning weren’t so straight which kind of ruined the plot of the series because it was not made clear. This could be due to the writers.

Cress Williams who played as Black Lightning was an average superhero to me. I don’t think Black Lightning as a comic book character was not well translated. He had very awkward moments during the season and his mannerisms sometimes wasn’t very superhero-like. The superhero suit didn’t really do justice for him either. You can tell he was not comfortable in it at all. However, I really did enjoy how involved he was in his daughters well-being. You can tell Black Lightning was trying to break down the stereotypical aspect of an “absent father”.


Anything else?

The music throughout the entire first season was generally great. However, I felt that at some points, they just added random songs for the sake of it. Music is a very important factor in tv/films as it helps set the tones of a particular scene or mood for viewers. So hopefully in the future they should work on placing the right set of tone for a particular scene or episode. As I said, the music was great but displaced. There were quite a lot of cringe moments in general, the story was very sub-par and the acting… well.. they tried. Overall, I would give this first season a 4.9/10. They have got a long way to go. Especially if they really want a successful show. Black Lightning does however have potential to be a dope show. It just needs new writers to be honest and a better device plot. There was nice subtle. comic book references which I did dearly enjoy and some Easter eggs too. I appreciate it because its about time we see more Black superhero shows. Hopefully this will be the first of many (*cough* Vixen)



Let me know your thoughts guys? Did you enjoy the first season? What were your favourite moments? Do we need Black Lightning Season 2?



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