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By Nnesaga

April 3rd, 2018

DC have recently confirmed that the “Death Of Superman” animated movie will be dropping later this year. Check out the trailer and featurette here:

DC are not new to bringing us quality animated movies and tv shows. So I am 100% certain that this new film is going to be nothing but great. It will be a 2 part series; “Death of Superman” and the “Reign of Superman” because there is no way you can keep Superman dead for long anyways. He is God amongst men.

The Death of Superman story has been told quite a few times in the past with Superman: Doomsday, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and when he came back last year in the Justice League movie. However, this telling of the story will be different according to the creators.

From the video, it will be showing Supermans venerable and humane side whilst going against his toughest battle yet.. with Doomsday. I believe a lot of people see Superman as this indestructible(which he is) figure but have not really thought about his mental and emotional side. This upcoming movie will really give you an idea to what it is like to be the man of steel and what kind of day to day decisions he has to make that involves trying to save the world and protect his own. We also get to see  the rest of the justice league action too which is great!

The animation is very cool, very sleek and sets the right tone to the movie. DC have never failed to give us beautiful imagery and quality animation so we can trust that the fighting scenes in this upcoming movie are going to be epic.

The Death of Superman will be out Summer 2018! Once they have confirmed a date, I will let you guys know. They have also confirmed that the Reign of Superman (his resurrection) will be dropping next year.

You excited for the upcoming Superman movie? Let me know your thoughts!

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