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Donald Glover vs MARVEL: FX And Marvel Pull the Plug on Deadpool Animated Show

By Nnesaga

April 3rd, 2018

I’m sure by now you know that the amazing and super talented Actor, comedian, writer and Rapper Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is no stranger to the Marvel camp. Having recently played Aaron Davis *Spoiler alert*: who is related to Miles Morales. A huge easter egg from Spiderman homecoming movie(2017)… Maybe Miles is somewhere confirmed in the MCU? Who knows. I’m drifting off here. Ok, lets get back to the main point.

(FYI: He also voiced Miles Morales in the Marvels Ultimate Spiderman animated tv series )

When we nerds found out the news that Donald and his brother would be working with FX & Marvel to write for Deadpools animated tv series last year, words could not express how excited everyone was. FINALLY! An R-rated Deadpool tv series. With Deadpools recent success with its movies, how can this animated show go wrong? You got the perfect writers, perfect producers, studios…

Well, we was wrong. Last week, FX & Marvel announced they have pulled the plug on the show.

*Throws rotten tomatoes*

According to both parties, it was because of ‘scheduling’ and ‘creative differences’. However, me an intellectual went to go and do some investigating to really see what went down because to be honest, there is no way you could grab someone like Donald Glover and tell the world ‘creative differences’.



The real Tea:


*Pretends to act shocked*

My only logical guess is that Marvel weren’t particularly happy with the script that Donald wrote for them. As you know, Deadpool is naturally a problematic character(my fav). Deadpool literally takes the piss in anything and everything so some of Donalds jokes that he wanted to portray for the Deadpool character were not sitting well with Marvel which is unfortunate to be honest. I’m pretty sure they weren’t that bad.

Donald then later tweeted 15 pages from a parody finale script he wrote for the Deadpool finale which was absolutely hilarious. He deleted the tweets but I managed to recover a little something for you guys.


My thoughts?

Donald Glover is doing amazing right now with the Atlanta tv series and him and FX have a great relationship going on. I think Marvel just don’t want to take risks right now but Deadpool is all about risks and fun. I think it was a real disappointing move Marvel pulled there if you ask me. Plenty fans were looking forward to it and Marvel with their animated tv shows are usually sub-par. This Deadpool tv series would have made Marvel look more like serious contenders in the animated universe. Sighs.


Its unfortunate that Donald will not be be part of this but lets hope the show gets picked up again in due course.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Did Marvel make the right decision? Who’s side are you on?

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