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Venom has Arrived. New Trailer here – 05.10.18

By Nnesaga

April 24th, 2018

Finally, we now get to see an actual  Venom movie trailer. And you know what, it was a pretty decent trailer. I can see that the CGI on venom has been done really well. Lets hope the consistency of it sticks throughout the actual movie which will be landing in Cinemas 5th October.

You can check out the official trailer here:


Our leading man Tom Hardy will be starring as the main Anti-hero Eddie Brock aka Venom. Theres no doubt about the talented Tom Hardy, who I believe will deliver a good version of the character. Director Ruben Fleischer, who is well known for directing Zombieland (2009), will be taking a spin on Brocks story.

Ludwig Goransson who do an amazing job composing the Black Panther movies music will be composing Venom so you know its about to be lit.

Overall, it was a decent first trailer to the new movie. My expectations however are pretty low but I am very optimistic. SONY Pictures can be a hit and miss. Setting up a spider verse without Spiderman himself can be tricky. We may see him in the future as SONY do share rights to MARVEL with Spiderman. Anyways, that conversation is for another day.


Let me know your thoughts. Are you digging the new Venom Trailer? You excited to see the new movie?


Venom is set to be in cinemas 5th October 2018.

Peace, Love & Symbiote

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