Teen Titans #24 – And They All Fell Down Review

By Timeyin Nikoro

November 26th, 2018

Issue 24 of Adam Glass’s Teen Titans continues the titles ongoing trend of exploring the uneasy and dysfunctional team dynamic of Damian Wayne’s reinvigorated Teen Titans roster. As the Teen Titans find themselves trapped under the debris of a collapsing building, the team’s inability to work in unison is forced to take center stage.  With this conflict dominating the majority of this installment, Teen Titans #24 is entirely predicated on Adam Glass’s exploration on the team’s tumultuous relationship.


For the most part, Teen Titans#24 is something akin to a bottle episode. Whilst the phrase “bottle episode” is a term which is usually applied to the TV medium, a number of its primary concepts can be readily applied to Teen Titans #24. The usage of a single location, lack of involvement of ancillary characters/involvement and heavy focus on the characters dynamics of the main characters are all heavy features of Teen Titans #24.

However, unlike the best bottle episodes, Teen Titans #24 fails to make effective use of the limited tools at its disposal. Whilst the team’s various issues remain the driving force of the series, Adam Glass fails to make any significant use of the various secrets which have contributed to the team’s uneasy mistrust of one another. Instead, Glass merely uses the team’s secrets as a source of conflict without presenting the audience with any meaningful revelations or any significant strides to organically resolve the tension.  As a result, the issue feels like uneventful filler.


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